The Fox

Our 1947 Ahrens Fox is the oldest apparatus owned by a company within the Middletown Township Fire Department. We are proud to say that we have held onto such a unique piece of fire history and enjoy bringing it to local events to share with the community.

In 2018, the fire company began looking into have the Fox restored and are in the process of organizing fundraisers for the project.  Stay tuned for upcoming information

Fox Facts

  • The original proposal submitted by Ahrens Fox was for a completely different model of pumper. For unknown reasons, the proposal was later changed and she was delivered only 8 months after that. 
  • Before being delivered to Port Monmouth, the Fox was apparently on display at the International’s Chief Convention Pennsylvania Hotel in New York City. The only record of this can be found in the fire company meeting minutes, but there is no proof that the showing ever occurred. 
  • During the later half of the 20th century, the Fox participated in a group of Ahren Fox apparatus, known as the “Flying Foxes”. The Flying Foxes participated in parades around the Tri-State Area, but no longer organizes events. Many photos of the Flying Foxes leading parades exist online. It is not known how many events our Ahrens Fox participated in.
  • The Fox has narrowly escaped ruin, twice. In the early 60’s a fire gutted Port Monmouth’s firehouse, but the Fox was pulled out of the building before being damaged. Decades later, in October of 2012, the Fox was undergoing maintenance when Hurricane Sandy devastated Port Monmouth. Unable to move, she was left behind and sat submerged in 4 ft. of water for several hours. The following morning she was cleaned up, went under several months of maintenance and returned to the roads in 2013.