Hall Rentals

Port Monmouth Fire Company’s Hall as of 2018

The Port Monmouth Fire Company’s Hall is perfect for almost any occasion and hosted everything from baby showers to corporate meetings.

The hall is located upstairs, approx. 1600 sq ft, and has a max occupation cap of 80 people. It includes hardwood floors, a commercial grade kitchen, ice machine, two bathrooms, bar, TV, radio, and plenty of parking.  Two new A/C Units help to keep the hall cool, even in the middle of summer. 

If you are interested in renting the hall, please contact us via our Facebook page and we will get in touch with you. 


While hosting an event in the hall, please note that the front half of the parking lot (all of the spots marked in yellow) are for firefighter’s only. This ensures that all our members can quickly and safely respond to an emergency, if needed. 

Nearby Points Of Interest

Several points of interest that may be useful during your event:

Romeo’s Plaza

Romeo’s Plaza is located right down Wilson Avenue and contains a pizza shop, a grocery store and more. 

Walgreen’s Plaza

Another shopping plaza is down at the end of Main St. and features a Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Liquor Store and a pizza shop.