Port Monmouth Fire Company currently operates three fire apparatus, one high water rescue vehicle and owns the only antique apparatus within the MTFD. In town, firefighters often refer to each apparatus by their company given numbers  (I.E. 160 or 164), a numbering system that the department has used for decades.

Quint 160

2017 KME AerialCat

Ladder Length: 79 ft.

Pump: 2000 gpm, Waterous pump

Tank: 450 Gallons

Engine 164

1998 KME Pumper

Pump: 1500 gpm, Hale Pump

Tank Size: 750 Gallons

Brush Truck 163

1979 Dodge Power wagon

Pump: TBD

Tank Size: TBD

“The Fox”

1947 Ahrens Fox

Pump: 1000 gpm

Tank Size: TBD

While the Fox remains on our active roster, it no longer runs calls and is primarily used for educational and ceremonial purposes. Learn more about the Fox here.